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Welcome to BlueWhite Health

Tasha - January 30th 2019

BlueWhite Health is an acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic in Kamloops, BC offering Acupuncture, Tui-na Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexology, Auricular points and Cupping services. We love it when people leave our clinic feeling significantly less pain than when they arrived! And better yet, is when they report that their relief from pain is both immediate and long-lasting.

We recently received a testimonial from Tasha, who talks about a referral to BlueWhite Health after an accident in 2016. Tasha reports feeling immediate, long-term relief from pain after her first visit, and that she is very happy with her alternating Acupuncture and Cupping treatments. Our team of professionals utilize a holistic approach rather than an approach that treats a patient as a set of symptoms, and this allows us to customize sessions.

Apart from relieving Tasha’s pain resulting from an accident, she also mentions some other reasons for enjoying her treatments at BlueWhite Health.

• She is always welcomed with a friendly greeting.

• BlueWhite Clinic is so clean.

• Our Acupuncturist is always on time, which helps with Tasha’s busy schedule.

For Acupuncture in Kamloops, we hope you will contact us at BlueWhite Health on Seymour Street. We would be happy to share the healing effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine with you!

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