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Welcome to Kamloops Shockwave Therapy

Safe. Effective. Lasting. Three words to describe a few of the benefits of shockwave therapy, one of the services provided at BlueWhite Health in Kamloops. It is a non-invasive, low risk treatment often used in conjunction with other therapies that serves to increase blood flow and aid healing.

Shockwave therapy may give some people visions of bodies spasming as electricity courses through them, but that is not how shockwave therapy works at all. Rather, it involves applying direct radial shockwaves to a specific area of the body, which sends high energy acoustic sound waves to those trouble spots, penetrating tissues. There are many tangible benefits to this continually evolving treatment, including:

1. Healing & Regeneration. The wave’s energy encourages tendons, soft tissues, and bones to regenerate and repair themselves.
2. Reduction in pain. With shockwave therapy, reduction in pain often occurs within a short period of time, and after a minimal number of treatments, it appears to be long lasting. It can be a much less invasive alternative to surgery and lessens the need for medications.
3. Breaks down build-up of calcium. The action of the therapy works to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system to break down and flush out granular portions of calcium that may have built up in areas where micro-tears exist.
4. Blood vessels formed. Shockwave therapy encourages the body’s formation of new blood vessels, which in turn improves blood supply and oxygenation to the area being treated. This results in faster healing.
5. Lowers inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be life altering and lowers the body’s ability to function at a high level. With shockwave therapy, a reduction in swelling can improve function and decrease pain, leading to increased overall wellness.

The machine used to deliver shockwave therapy is manufactured to pass brief, high energy sound waves that travel faster than the speed of sound, directly into affected areas. Those shockwaves regenerate skeletal muscle tissue and speed up the repair process. This therapy has multiple benefits for a wide range of clients and is prevalent in the sports medicine and podiatry fields as well as physiotherapy, urology and orthopaedics. It is effective to treat both chronic and acute pain and has uses for everyone, from high level athletes to those with chronic, debilitating conditions. It can be used to treat wide variety of issues, including tennis elbow, heel spurs, shoulder pain, arthritis, and many more.

At BlueWhite Health, we work to improve the quality of life for all of our clients, providing pain management and treatment of a variety of ailments and injuries. We believe in treating the cause of the problem, not the symptoms, so we work with our clients to provide the best possible outcomes. In addition to shockwave therapy, we also provide acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine and more, often using several therapies in conjunction in order to maximize results.

Contact Us today to enquire about any of our services and to set up your shockwave therapy consultation appointment. Our clinic is located in downtown Kamloops on Seymour St. in the blue and white house with plenty of parking available.

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