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Insomnia - June 29th 2018

Insomnia is becoming a common issue for a large amount of the population nowadays. At BlueWhite Health, an acupuncture, herbal medicine, and natural health clinic in Kamloops BC, we often see the effects of insomnia. With lack of proper sleep, the consequences can be losing the ability on focus, short-term memory loss, unstable emotions, and/or anxiety when it comes to bedtime. After a certain period of sleepless nights, some people experience dizziness, heart palpitations or racing like a horse at night, sometimes with blood pressure going up or other heart related diseases.

What to do to help with sleepless nights?

  • 1. Mentally
    • • Meditate to sooth the emotions of anxiety, depression, anger, overexcitement, and worry. Keep relaxed when it comes to your bedtime.
  • 2. Sleep Routine
    • • Establish a routine that combines appropriate exercises to get a good blood flow during the day time; no workouts at night though.
    • • Create a good environment for bed time by dimming the lights and playing soft music or white noise, or even just quiet, no sounds, it’s your personal choice.
  • 3. Diet
    • • No caffeinated tea or coffee after 5pm assuming your bedtime is 10pm.
    • • Limited or no smoking at night.
    • • Eat a light and small amount for your dinner meal.
  • 4. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

It has been clinically proven with many successful cases that acupuncture, Tui-na Massage and also our traditional Chinese herbal medicine will help people who suffer from Insomnia. With acupuncture, it opens up related meridians and balances the body’s energy in order to help people fall asleep easier. Tui-na Massage is used to help the body be relaxed. If Insomnia is chronic and the person has become dependent on medication, traditional Chinese herbal medicine would play a big role to help in a natural way.

Please contact us if you have more questions or would like to meet with us for help with your insomnia!

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