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Welcome to BlueWhite Health - Kamloops Acupuncture, Massage and Chinese Herbal Therapy - Fees

Classic Acupuncture
with 20 Minutes Tui-Na Massage
Initial Treatment $100
Subsequent Treatment $80
* Add 20 more minutes Massage $30
* Add Cupping $30
* Add Injection 10cc $60
Acupoint Injection:
(Chronic Pain Management)
with 20 Minutes Tui-Na Massage
10 cc Initial Treatment $140
Subsequent Treatment $120
20 cc Initial Treatment $200
Subsequent Treatment  $180
Acupoint Injection is covered by most extended insurance
Vitamine Injection
5 cc  Vitamine B12 Mythylcobalamin $30
10 cc Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC)  $45
Compounding TCM Herbal Medicine
Initial Including
(Consultation and 7 days of TCM Herbal Medicine)
Subsequent Treatments
(Consultation and 7 days of TCM Herbal Medicine)
Tui-Na MassageFor Initial Treatment, extra $20 Consultation Fee Applies
25 Minutes $50
45 Minutes $80
Paediatric Massage for Autism $35
* Add 20 more minutes Massage $30
Without any other treatment $50
Dermapen With HydraFacial
Basic Session $200
Premier Rejuvenation (Scalp Acupressure & Lymphatic Drainage Massage) $250

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