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Paul Legace - July 8th 2017

Sciatica and lower back pain often go hand in hand. BlueWhite Health Clinic in Kamloops has a lot of ways that we can help relieve your tense and unforgiving back issues. Especially when it comes to sciatica, our staff know how debilitating and powerful nerve pain can be. Your sciatic nerve can be affected in many different ways.

Any source of inflammation in your lower back and hip area can put enough pressure on the nerve. Some sings that you are experience this nerve pain can include:

- Consistent pain down only one side of your buttock and leg
- The pain increases when you sit down
- Other sensations accompanying the pain such as burning, searing or tingling
- The leg in pain is also weak or affected by numbness
- Pinging sharp pain that travels all the way down your leg, making it difficult to walk
- Tingling/painful feet and toes with no obvious cause

Sciatica is a very widespread side effect/condition because there are varied causes that can often be unrelated. Slipped or herniated spinal discs is definitely the most common reason that a sciatic nerve can be negatively affected. Other spinal disc issues can spill over into causing a pinched nerve as well. Pulled or tense back muscles, or hip joint issues can also cause enough inflammation that your sciatica is triggered.

At BlueWhite Health, Our Chinese medicine practitioners find and diagnose the underlying cause of why your pain has become chronic; why your body has been unable to heal the pain by itself. Most often, this is related to internal organ issues which can be resolved with acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine. For chronic pain, treatment with acupuncture is often combined with cupping or scrubbing therapy to relieve even the most stubborn and recurring pain symptoms. We prescribe Chinese herbal medicine in cases when certain internal organs cannot fully support the body’s circulation and healing ability. What ever is causing you pain, we know BlueWhite can help!

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