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Welcome to Ozone Steam Sauna

What is Ozone Steam Sauna?

The Ozone Steam Sauna is a chamber which combines ozone technology with steam in one unit. Medical grade ozone is used to disinfect and treat disease, and unsurpassed on acting as an anti-cancer, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal agent. Oxygen(O2) deficiency is key to the progression of all disease processes. With the help of ozone, the extra molecule of oxygen found in ozone(O3) will be transported to organs and tissues to be absorbed, which oxidizes waste and facilitates its removal. As a bonus, ozone boosts metabolism and circulation without expending vital energy. 

The Ozone Steam Sauna is the most efficient and effective way in eliminating toxins, pesticides, petroleum-based chemicals, and metals from the body. As we all know, sweating helps the body get rid of excess heat and removes waste materials. By combining ozone with the sauna, humid heat opens the pores which allows the ozone to travel through the skin and into the bloodstream, to boost lymph, and stimulate the circulatory system, the respiratory system, the urinary tract, and the liver. 

What to prepare before the sauna?

Do wear something loose fitting so it’s easier to put back on after the sauna; do eat small meal or snack one hour before; do drink enough water; and do bring an extra pair of underwear to change into after. Feeling overwhelmed, relax! We also will send you a reminder for all this information before your appointment. 

What to expect after the sauna?

Your body will be feeling light and warm in general. The towel in the sauna could be stained after the session which indicates the toxin coming out of the body. Your skin will be feeling softer and more hydrated after as well. 


We also supply ozone oil and ozone water for sale. Please call 250-879-2279 to order and pickup. 

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